Principal: Dr. Sherry Power-Cheema                                               Vice Principal: Ms. Joan Vautier
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Happening at our school this month:

- Monday, May 1st: Recycling Blitz
- Wednesday, May 6th: Veggie Day
- Friday, May 8th: Fruit Day
- Wednesday, May 13th: Veggie Day
- Thursday, May 14th: Kindergarten Concert (AM and PM)
- Friday, May 15th: Fruit Day
- ***TUESDAY, MAY 19TH: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY (No school for all students)***
- Wednesday, May 20th: Veggie Day
- Friday, May 22nd:
~ Fruit Day
~ Used Book Fair
- Wednesday, May 27th: Veggie Day
- Friday, May 29th:
~ Kinderstart (No school for all Kindergarten students)
~ Fruit Day

- Frozen Yogurt Vanilla Milkshakes available every Tuesday in
May for $1.25!
- Frozen Yogurt with fruit toppings for  May 18-May 22week: $1.75!
May 13th and 14th

Registration will begin online at 9am, May 13th.
Click on the link below for more information.